Community Safety

Reference to the safety of Nigerian Roads
The community safety project is a long term project focused on raising the awareness of the general public to the inherent dangers on and upgrading the safety facilities of the Nigerian roads.

The Peaceful Garden and Road Safety Awareness

In 2002, The Aart Of Life Foundation Installed traffic lights at the blind spot of Sobo Arobiodu/ Isaac John Street Intersection at GRA Ikeja.and also Installed road safety billboards and slogans by the traffic lights to raise awareness of the general public to the inherent dangers on Nigerian roads.

On December 3rd 2003, (what would have been Abioye Aronke Taiwo’s 26th birthday), the Aart of Life Foundation dedicated The Peaceful Garden, which had been lovingly created by Taiwo Taiwo, Bioye’s mother.

The Peaceful Garden’ captures the ‘Spirit of Aart’, and it’s mission of promoting and advancing the virtue of love, kindness, compassion, charity, beauty and sensitivity amongst all Nigerians, and especially Bioye’s generation.

The Peaceful Garden had been lovingly created for the community and residents of GRA Ikeja, and members of the community of GRA Ikeja have embraced this special gift, and taken ownership of it.

The Peaceful Garden

The Switching on of the Festive lights at the Peaceful garden on December 3rd (Bioye’s birthday) is done in memory of Bioye and to kick-start the festive season, which she loved so much. It is a magical evening, when crowd of Ikeja GRA community in their hundreds gather to watch & marvel at a fantastic display of beauty and love.

Grief Counselling

The Aart of Life Foundation’s ground breaking work in grief and trauma counseling is proving to be an effective development initiative which, by underscoring the absence of any organized social support in Nigeria.

Our Mission

Promote and advance the virtues of love kindness, compassion, charity, beauty and sensitivity amongst all Nigerians, and especially amongst Abioye’s generation.

The Aart Of Life Foundation 2008 Half Year Report

On behalf of the Aart of Life Foundation we would like to thank you for your interest in the Aart of Life Foundation. Our Mission of promoting and advancing the virtues of love kindness, compassion, charity and beauty amongst all Nigerians and especially the youth would not be possible without the support and generous donations of public spirited individuals and organizations, such as yourselves.

Paper Presentation On Ground Breaking Work

Being a paper presented on The Aart of life’s ground breaking work in Developing Grief/Trauma Counseling in Nigeria By Chief (Mrs.) T. I. Taiwo, Founder/ Chairman The Aart of Life foundation, At The MTN Foundation/Aart of Life Foundation 0703-Healing Toll Free Counseling Services Tow Hall/Stakeholders Meeting.

The Aart Of Life / MTN Healing Line

This is a guidance and counseling service primarily for those who have lost children or been bereaved in anyway, and its also open to those who have suffered some other form of trauma and are finding it difficult to cope. I am here to listen to you and together with you hopefully we can come up with coping strategies. My name is Oluwaseun (Thank you God). how may I help you.

TACKLING GRIEF IN THE FACE OF TERROR… Aart of Life and Murtala Mohammed Foundations to the rescue

Nigerians of various stripes: religious, regional and sundry persuasions; especially from the north turned up in large numbers for the 3 day long, ground breaking grief and trauma counseling training [read more].

From Devastating Loss To A Testimony Of Survival

My dearest darling, my beautiful Bioye, my one and only daughter…Your beauty, sensitivity, clarity and compassion, your insightful understanding of the meaning and purpose of life, your very many talents… It has been an honour to have been your mother, a special privilege to have been your friend. Sleep well, till we meet to part no more. Taiwo Taiwo (Mother and Best Friend) [read more].

AART OF LIFE SYMPOSIUM; Setting An Agenda For The Future

Our pioneering initiative, the first in Nigeria, has championed Grief and trauma counseling and support since the inception of the Aart of life foundation in 2002, about thirteen years ago.

This ground breaking work has become even more significant now with the increasing terror attacks in the Country, and the consequences… heavy mortality and morbidity and the increasing number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the country.

It has become imperative that we create a rallying point for all stake holders and to set an agenda for rapid and effective interventions for the grieving and traumatized victims and their families and to celebrate and share our experiences of the last 13 years in our groundbreaking work in grief and trauma counseling, the Aart of life foundation is organizing a one day symposium “Developing a frame work for disaster Management in Africa; the Nairobi experience and the Nigeria Challenge”.


The following presentations;
1. Keynote Speaker; Professor Ndetei – Grief and trauma counselling and psycho-social support : Perspectives in a changing society [read more].
2. Dr Atilola – Theory of Change: The desirable scenario [read more]
3. Dr Daramola – Who should do what in intervention process [read more]
4. Dr Zach – Mental Health Consequences of Disaster events [read more]
5. Dr Olugbile – Mental Hhealth Cconsequences of Disaster events [read more]

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