From devastating loss to a testimony of survival…The Aart of Life Story.


Aart of Life Foundation tackles rising cases of suicides

Disturbed and alarmed by the rising incidents of suicides and attempted suicides across the country, the Aart of Life Foundation, Nigeria’s pioneer Grief and Trauma Counselling Services since 2004, is pleased to announce a programme to provide counselling to Nigerians needing help.

The Foundation is providing toll free counselling hotlines that people can call and unburden themselves in times of distress.

In a statement signed by Chief Taiwo Taiwo, chairman of Aart of Life Foundation, the NGO noted that “we are developing a comprehensive programme to address this specific problem and in collaboration with our Partners, Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists at the Department of Behavioural Sciences of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), will soon be making available to the public our Aart of Life Counselling Hotlines.”

Using the hotlines, Aart of Life Foundation will provide counselling and support for those who are suicidal or anyone who has ever entertained suicidal thoughts; provide trauma counselling for those who have experienced or witnessed a violent, and/or life changing traumatic event; offer,  after the telephone counselling, one-on-one counselling by the highly skilled and trained Counsellors at the Aart of Life Foundation offices, 12th Floor, Elephant House, 214, Broad Street, Lagos.

Aart of Life’s target is to reach bereaved and traumatized persons nationwide through telephone counselling while creating effective awareness through planned media campaigns to promote and publicize the counselling services.

The foundation will, thereafter, monitor and evaluate the impact of its telephone counselling programme and submit final reports highlighting accomplishments, impact, success stories, lessons learnt and challenges faced.





Aartoflife Symposium

Dear Aart of life board member
I am delighted to inform you of our plans to celebrate Aart of life’s pioneering work in Grief and Trauma counseling  in the last 13 years , by marking this important event with a moderated symposium on Grief and Trauma counseling in Abuja on the 15th of October  2015, with the overreaching aim of Setting an agenda for the future of Grief and Trauma counseling in Nigeria .

Delighted also to confirm that we have received positive feedback from the Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Oshibajo . He finds the initiative timely and very relevant and has accepted to attend as a guest of honour.

We shall be receiving shortly , a letter indicating the key person  from his office with whom our secretariat will be liaising  to ensure that we execute a flawless, world class event.
We have established a secretariat at our office with the above individuals  Mandu (, Ola (, Afolabi ( and Bosede ( being key members of the team, with Mandu , Aart of life executive secretary taking overall leadership of the planning.
We have invited a top WHO expert on displaced individuals, to be the key note speaker and panel discussant at the event.  Professor Adewuya, Dean of the faculty of Behavarioural sciences of LASUTH, one of our key partners ,has worked extensively with him in Geneva.

Other  members of the faculty are our partners  Dr Femi Olugbile, Professor Adewuya, Dr Zac, Dr Coker.
We intend to invite major  local and international stakeholders to participate in this important symposium to ensure that the outcome has the far reaching effect we desire.

We are very open to further adjustments on the faculty members from our partners  at the school of behavioural sciences at LASUTH
You  will be getting regular updates from the secretariat and we are
very much looking forward to receiving  your suggestions, ideas and thoughts, and your support,

We thank you for your continued support of the work of the Aart of life foundation throughout the years Your  support  has been invaluable in contributing to the tremendous reputation which the foundation now enjoys, both locally and internationally


Aart of life symposium

Our pioneering initiative, the first in Nigeria, has championed Grief and trauma counseling and support since the inception of the Aart of life foundation in 2002, about thirteen years ago. This groundbreaking work has become even more significant now with the increasing terror attacks in the Country, and the consequences… heavy mortality and morbidity and the increasing number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the country. As a rallying point for all stake holders and to set an agenda for rapid and effective interventions for the grieving and traumatized victims and their families and to celebrate and share our experiences of the last 13 years in our groundbreaking work in grief and trauma counseling, the Aart of life foundation is organizing a one-day symposium“Developing a frame work for disaster Management in Africa; the Nairobi experience and the Nigeria Challenge”.