The Aart of Life Foundation 2008 half year report
On behalf of the Aart of Life Foundation we would like to thank you for your interest in the Aart of Life Foundation. Our Mission of promoting and advancing the virtues of love kindness, compassion, charity and beauty amongst all Nigerians and especially the youth would not be possible without the support and generous donations of public spirited individuals and organizations, such as yourselves.
Paper Presentation on Ground Breaking Work
Being a paper presented on The Aart of life’s ground breaking work in Developing Grief/Trauma Counseling in Nigeria By Chief (Mrs.) T. I. Taiwo, Founder/ Chairman The Aart of Life foundation, At The MTN Foundation/Aart of Life Foundation 0703-Healing Toll Free Counseling Services Town Hall/Stakeholders Meeting.
In a Time of Grief, Do's and Don't's for the Bereaved
When there is a death in the family, there is usually a cycle of mourning and bereavement, which include many different feelings like disbelief, anger sadness, loneliness, fear, regret, guilt, despair and personal loss. there are all part of the grieving process and different people go through this process in different ways.
The Aart of Life / mtn Healing Line
This is a guidance and counseling service primarily for those who have lost children or been bereaved in anyway, and its also open to those who have suffered some other form of trauma and are finding it difficult to cope. I am here to listen to you and together with you hopefully we can come up with coping strategies. My name is Oluwaseun (Thank you God). how may I help you.
First Town Hall Meeting Experience
...One of the mothers spoke of her distress at hearing someone seek to console her by describing her dead daughter as an 'Ogbange'. it had made the anger well up inside her. one described her distress at realizing that every newly arriving sympathizer seemed to expect her to tell her story all over again from scratch, so that she grew to dread the opener 'what happened'?
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