My daughter Abioye Aronke Taiwo was killed in a car accident on the 19th April 2002. Since then, things have never been quite the same. If you lose your arms and legs, you are not expected to get over it. Fortunately, one can get replacement limbs but where does one get a replacement for life?
Born December 3rd 1977, translated to eternal life on 19 April 2002. Now Blissfully Happy, living as an angel in the garden of Eden, watching over all her loved ones, and so touched, and so proud as she looks down from Heaven, and sees all the wonderful things we do in her name. [read more]
The Aart of Life foundation has been able to achieve quite a significant number of goals and projects since it's inception.Take a look

The Aart of Life Foundation is a charity organisation that was established in September 2002, by Chief Mrs. Taiwo Taiwo. Given her passion for a good cause, and the great sorrow and indescribable pain of losing her only daughter, She chose to fill the vacuum that the loss of her
beloved daughter created by establishing a foundation that would influence the life of Bioye's generation and spread the love that Abioye Aronke Taiwo radiated during her short life.
All board members are expected to work on voluntary basis. In addition to the role of the management board, which is expected to meet periodically to set the strategic direction for the Foundation, the Foundation is run by a full time administrator, volunteers and a few support personnel. [read more]

















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