“The Aart of life foundation partners with the Lagos state government in the establishment of its ground breaking initiative of providing a “Toll Free Call Centre Help Lines” for grief and Trauma counseling for Lagos State.”

The Ministry of Health has made some significant progress with the establishment of a Mental Health Call Centre. This is overdue bearing in mind the growing awareness of mental health issues and the demand for its services.

The Lagos State Government is developing and collaborating with a multinational company with expertise in e-health called Vision-Tech and Aart of Life Foundation who have demonstrated their expertise and commitment towards establishing a mental health call centre for Lagos.

The Ministry as develop a curriculum for recommended young graduate from the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund Scheme, to be trained as Grief on Grief and Trauma counselors for the call centre Hot Lines.

This requires a cross-collaboration between the Ministry, Department of Behavioural Medicine, LASUCOM, Aart of Life Foundation and other key players. 








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